Announcing the second annual “Meet and Greet” Resource meeting for families.

CTUIR Education Department and IMESD (Intermountain Education Service District) is proud to offer a virtual event for families with a student on an IFSP (Individual Family Support Plan), IEP (Individual Education Program) or a 504 plan.

Take a look at the flier for the event, including a QR code to join:

May 10, 2022

Virtual meeting

6:30 to 7 pm --- Welcome to the event, the introduction of presenters, and a tutorial on how to use the site.

7 to 7:45 pm – Connect to presenters through the virtual meeting – and 7:35 to 7:45 closing.

Click to see the resource hub:  https://www.cognitopia.com/apps/MyLife/viewPortfolioShare/kDjnWSM8bIo6IVA5dJ8_lAbrKVNmOpQaas3zRC9wFOr/portfolio     

During the event: families may join through the link above or the QR code on the flyer.


Topics covered during May 10, 2022, including over 15 presenters for the event:

 Regional special education services through IMESD, ages birth to exiting high school,

 Early Intervention / Early Childhood Special Education programs with CTUIR / IMESD, ages birth to entering kindergarten,

 Free advocacy workshops, FACT Oregon,

 Family support groups, Autism Society Oregon,

 Health services & activities, Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center,

 Continued education & supports for students with disabilities, BMCC Disabilities Services,

 Support to obtain or maintain employment, for an individual with disabilities – Oregon State & CTUIR Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation programs and Oregon DHS Employment First,

 Career Specialist (Youth), training & employment consortium with Worksource Oregon,

 Intellectual and /or Developmental Disabilities Services, Umatilla County Developmental Disabilities program,

 Workforce development, foster care, and other current services, CTUIR / DCFS, and

 Cross-disability resource and advocacy center, Eastern Oregon Center for Independent Living