To the Athena-Weston Community:

Monday, February 7, the Oregon Health Authority announced that mask requirements for schools will be lifted on March 31, 2022. The information and related requirements were released yesterday afternoon. The Athena-Weston School District will work over the next few weeks to review and make public the details related to returning to a mask-optional plan in our schools. It is important that the district take the time to be sure that we have a clear and well-prepared plan as there are a number of factors involved in making this shift. Please note that we are still required to wear masks in school until April 1st, regardless of whether or not the indoor mask mandate is lifted in non-school settings prior to that date. Also, a mask requirement will remain in effect on school busses after April 1, 2022 until lifted by the federal government. I appreciate everyone's continued patience as the district navigates the ever-changing rules and regulations related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you for your continued support through the many ups and downs over the past two school years.  

Ann Vescio, Interim Superintendent

OHA Press Release: