Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

Athena Elementary School received a grant (Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program) in the amount of $6,900 for the 2020/2021 Academic Year. The goal of this program is to to make available free fresh fruit and vegetables to our children. Three goals of the FFVP are:

1)  expanding the variety of fruits and vegetables school children experience,

2)  increasing their consumption of fruits and vegetables, and

3)  having a positive impact on their present and future health. 

The FFVP seeks to achieve these goals by introducting children to a variety of fresh produce they otherwise might not have had the opportunity to experience.

Week 1 - The students tried Kiwi Fruit and Cauliflower.

  Kiwi Fruit


Week 2 - The students tried Meyer's Lemons and Jicama.


  Meyer's Lemon

Be sure to ask your student what they thought about the items.