Letter From Superintendent Laure Quaresma

November 16, 2020

Dear Athena-Weston Families,

As we continue our journey through Comprehensive Distance Learning, including limited in-person, we have once again been provided additional guidance as a state. The new guidance stresses the importance of limiting travel and gatherings in addition to established safety protocols.  While we are proud of the work students, staff and families have done to make distance learning the best it can be, it is not our ideal learning environment. It is critical that we follow the guidance of the state which allows us to maintain our practice of limited in-person instruction.  If our county continues to have an upward trend of Covid-19 cases, our schools are at risk of losing limited in-person instruction as a learning option.  We are starting to experience a small number of secondary exposures,  and therefore we need everyone to be vigilant.  Do not send kids to school if there is suspected exposure or any symptoms of illness.  If your family is impacted through a school contact, you will receive a call from the Health Department and a letter from the school.  

The best strategies we have for reducing the spread of COVID-19 are frequent handwashing, mask wearing and social distancing. It is also crucial that travel and gatherings are limited. Students who travel or participate in large gatherings should not attend limited in-person instruction and should follow state quarantine rules. 

We continue to see the tremendous work being done by family and community members in supporting our students.  We look forward to the day when we are back in school and cheering for our students together as a community. 

Laure Quaresma,   Superintendent