HOF 1950 Merle Mathwich

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Merle Mathwich

  • Began his high school career as an Athena Gladiator before McEwen High School opened in 1948

  • Graduated from McEwen High School in 1950

  • Played football, basketball and baseball

  • Was involved in the class plays and study body plays

  • Member of the band playing the clarinet

  • President of the FFA his Senior year

  • 4 year member of the Lettermans Club

    • Secretary-Treasurer of Lettermans Club his Junior year

    • Vice-President of Lettermans Club his Senior year

  • Senior Year Class President

  • Member of student council and Shop Safety Engineer

  • Spent 4 years in the Navy and served on the USS Romulus which repaired amphibious military vehicles during the Korean War

  • He married his high school sweetheart Beverly Tucker in 1953 

  • Worked as a bookkeeper and branch manager at the local bank for 36 years upon his return to Athena

HOF 1950 Merle Mathwich